The Women of Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Some critics have criticized Tolkien for the scarcity of female characters in The Lord of the Rings, and that is unjust. It is not fair to attack male authors for their lack of female characters, when female authors often leave male characters out of their cast of main characters in the same way. Tolkien is a male, and therefore, writing from a man’s perspective comes easiest to him. Authors like to create characters that they can relate to; in personality and especially in gender. This is common and natural.

The female characters that Tolkien did create, however, are certainly worth mentioning. Few as they are, they’re amazing characters. In “Fellowship of the Ring” there are three female characters scattered about the story. First, there is Goldenberry; the daughter of Tom Bombadil. She is beautiful, kind and graceful. Frodo and his friends are encouraged by her, and respect her greatly, almost to a sense of worship.

Then there is Arwen; an Elf who is mentioned only briefly, but is upheld to be not only beautiful, but very wise. Not only that, the heart of Aragorn is secretly pining for her love.

Galadriel is the Elf Queen of Lothlorien. Like the others she is beautiful, wise and gentle, but there is something that makes Galadriel a little different from the others. She is the owner of one of the three Elven Rings. Her air is sweet and lovely, but she also is one that should not be trifled with. She is a refreshing balance of grace, and strength.

All of these ladies, were upheld by the male characters with great respect and awe for them. They listened intently to their gentle wisdom, and treated them like queens.

The women that Tolkien portrays in this book are completely different than the women we see in TV shows, and Movies today.

Envision an action movie. Two people walk away from an explosion, guns at their side. One is a man, the other is a woman wearing a tattered cocktail  party dress. Her face is emotionless. They reach a gate surrounded by guards. The woman winks at one of the unsuspecting guards. He smiles. Then she pulls out a gun and shoots him. Once they get through the gate, they’ll get in the car and go rob the next bank

To many women, that scene that I just described is an example of equal rights. The fact that they can shoot and fight just like a man, flirt like a women, and look as cool as ever grabs our attention. It’s very sad to see what lot’s of women have as a role model today. We have thrown away Galadriel, Arwen, and Goldberry, and replaced them with “killing machines” and “prostitutes”. Women need to look back at Tolkiens female characters and see what they have been missing! There is so much more respect that we could obtain, if we go back to our original female roots. The women of “Lord of the Rings” are great examples for us.

Even though there are few female characters; they are breaths of fresh air because they are represented so well.


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